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Nov 12, 2023

Respon Code 1 in BIG IQ

I would like to ask, in some BIG IQ captures, I found response code 0 and 1, in some articles mentioned that response code 0 can appear in Application Event Logs. This indicates no server response to the request and is expected when the request is blocked, while 1 is a bit difficult to find, some articles that discuss http response code, there is a response code -1, means that something went wrong with connection or response handling. The HttpURLConnection is often buggy with keeping connections alive. Is this the same response code?

Or is there any other information that can explain response code 1? Thank you.

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  • Hello

    Can you share some screenshots for the response codes you encountered ?



  • Hello

    Recieving a response code equal to 1 (which is a non standard response code) could often be a result of Server Misconfigurations (Check servers from which you recieve these response codes) or Application-Specific Codes (Sometimes developers may code non standard response codes for specific errors).

    I would advise to capture a specific HTTP RESPONSE with code 1 and discuss it with Dev team.

    Hope this will help.