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Feb 15, 2012

Resource Provisioning with different groups


We are migrating from a Juniper SA to APM and we need to migrate the full functionality.


Now we have different access based on the groups the user belongs to.


For example, a user called user1 may belong to several groups in AD (or LDAP ) and each group has a link:


- Group-Owa:


- Remote Desktop: Shows access to RDP


- Intranet:




If you belong to several groups, the APM Page would show all the links. If you belong yo just one, a single link is shown. It's a kind of dynamic Resource Provisioning with concatenated LDAP checks.


Can I do this with APM?


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  • Yes, this can be accomplished.



    If you're coming from a Juniper or Firepass appliance it might feel a bit weird at first. The checks and group mappings are pretty much down at the logon sequence level vs. another designated page just for this function.