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Jan 25, 2011

Renaming ASM Policy




Is it possible to rename ASM policy via a script?



Thank you.





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  • Hi Mike,



    I don't see anything in the ASM-related iControl calls that would make this simple:




    Maybe someone else has thoughts on this?



    Else, you could potentially update the policy name in the MySQL database. This definitely wouldn't be supported by F5, but it might be possible. There are at least two databases and tables where the policy name is included. There might be more though. If you try this, I recommend doing it on a test unit and backing up the config to a UCS before making any changes.



    db.table column



    DCC.accounts active_policy_name


    PLC.PL_POLICIES policy_name



    SOL6979: Managing the MySQL database password for the BIG-IP ASM