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Apr 10, 2019

rename the partition name

please suggest how to rename the partition name without deleting it on big ip f5. I have active virtual servers, pools, members on it.




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  • Not really but you can try the following:

    • First take an Archive and save off the F5 device.

    • Then you will have to create the new partition then copy the folder

      into your newly created partition folder.

    • You will then need to edit each file and replace any reference for the old partition name with the new one. This can be done quickly with

      on Bash e.g.
      sed -i -e 's/\/oldPartitionName\//\/newPartitionName\//g' bipip.conf

    • Then delete the original partition files e.g. `rm -rf /config/partitions/oldPartitionName/'

    • In TMSH run a reload

      load sys config partitions all
      (This might take sometime and if you get warnings about conflicts try running it again or loading each partition one by one)

    • Finally delete your old partition

      delete auth partition oldPartitionName

    WARNING: This will be disruptive to service and no idea what would happen if done on a HA pair, possible you may need to do it manually on each device before you would be able to perform a sync. I would try it on the standby device and see if you can sync to the active device.

  • Hi,


    in a native way it is not possible. I advise you to create a new partition conventionally. this will avoid problems of synchronization, eventual disruption of production (if it was to modify/rename an object "node, irule, ..." in the configuration it would be quite simple. but in our case it is partition and you can put yourself in trouble easily ...).


    Once the partition is created (GUI or tmsh), you can industrailize the assignment of the new partition using tmsh or GUI...