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May 06, 2016

Remove monitoring of server from recovery site.

I currently have two F5s one on my main site and the failover on my DR site. I recently added a test webserver and enabled http monitoring. automatically my added server is shown in the failover F5. Now i am experiencing an issue in which the main site F5 monitor is seeing the server as up but the recover site F5 cannot see the server so it marks it as down. is it possible to continue monitoring from the main site F5 and remove monitoring from the recovery site F5?


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  • If the two BigIP's are in an HA group, you would need to manually remove monitoring each time you synced. If they are not in an HA group, it would be simple enough to remove the monitor from the pool member on the DR site. I am assuming that the server is intentionally not visible to the DR site.


    To remove monitoring go to Local Traffic, Pools, pick the pool, select members, go to the member, select Advanced under Configuration, and set health monitor to None.


    As noted, when you sync, if this is the HA peer to the main BigIP you will need to repeat this. It shouldn't cause any problems to leave it be, however.