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Jun 03, 2010

remoterole usage

The Bigip is using version BIG-IP 9.4.8 Build 396.1 Hotfix HF3


I have the BigIp set up to use TACACS for authentication and it works just fine as long as I have a user account set up on the BigIp.



I am trying to use the "remoterole" option so I can configure group level permissions.



We are using TACACS version 3.3 and I set the attribute value for timeout to 1000 so I could use it to identify the group



This is what I entered on the BigIP



bigpipe remoterole role info mygroupofusers { attribute "timeout=1000" line order 2000 role operator }



the ":remoterole list all" command shows the following



remoterole {


partition Common


role info mygroupofusers


partition Common


attribute "timeout=1000"


console disable


deny disable


line order 2K


role operator


user partition Common






but I cannot authenticate




Any ideas?



The other question is how do you use the remote role command to set up users with Administrator privelages?


I am having trouble with the partition command. Teh error meswsage says the admin user must have access to all partitions but it will not accept "partition all" in the remottole command












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