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May 06, 2014

Remotely determine number of iControl connections to an F5 Device

Is there any way to monitor the number of iControl sessions for a given device, either via iControl or SNMP? Also, is there a known iControl connection threshold that I should be targeting? I am running BIG-IP 10.2.1 with plans to upgrade to 11.5.1.




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    Until v11, iControl wasn't really what you'd call session orientated... All commands were stand alone (i.e. Make an HTTP connection, send a SOAP request, with suitable auth, get the response). There WAS a sort of session that was maintained by a cookie, but it was always problematic on various versions (I used to use it to bypass the browser basic auth requirements, and on some versions it worked, and some it didn't. Was always a bit hit & miss).


    In v11 there's more of a session orientated implementation. And you can interact with your session via System::Session (From 11.1.0 onwards IIRC). HOWEVER the only stat I've seen in there is get_maximum_sessions(). I haven't seen one for current number (If there's even any tracking for it... I haven't investigated, but it's possible all that state is kept in a cookie on the client... But Joe will undoubtedly be able to correct my assumptions on that...