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Mar 05, 2018

Relicensing the viprion host to fix automatic update of signatures on ASM guests



We have a Viprion host where F5 guests are running ASM. Recently we noticed that the signature updates were failing due to service check date for license exceeding 18 months. Now i have to re-license the host, so that the guests get the license too.


Had some queries on re-licensing. Will it interrupt the running of the guests? I read that it will reload the config and interrupt the traffic. Whats the best way of doing it in our kind of environment?


We have a similar DR setup in other data centre and guests has HA pair running there. Should i shut down all the guests and then do re-licensing from the host GUI console? Or can i do the re-licensing with all guests active.


I don't have a clue on how this will interrupt the traffic. If anyone has done this before please share your views.


Another question is on ASM signatures updates, can i apply those signatures manually to the guests to avoid re licensing and maintenance for some time? Thanks in advance.


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  • It is better you relicense the host when there is not guest actively processing traffic. So, just failover all guests.


    It does not matter if you applying automatic or manual the signature update, the license limitation will be the same.