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Jun 15, 2011

Regex in STREAM::expression

I am looking to implement a regex within STREAM::expression to find the User Comments section on our web pages which we mark with a specific begin and end comment in the HTML. I am using the following within the iRule (with the usual Stream::disable / enable etc. which I've stripped out here for readability) which in theory should perform a string replacement within that section of the web page.



STREAM::expression {@sectionbegin.+sectionend@}






log local0. "matched: [STREAM::match]"


STREAM::replace "[string map {[^A-Za-z][fF][iI][nN][dD][^A-Za-z] *******} [STREAM::match]]"







The difficulty I'm having is getting the regex in STREAM::expression to match over line feeds / carriage returns. I've tried [.\r\n]+, [\s\s]+ and various others without success. I can get the match to work in part if I miss out sectionend from my example but do not match on a line feed.




Any suggestions or the correct regex for this would be most appreciated.








Darren C


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