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Feb 16, 2011

Redundancy configuration issue.



I have to LTMs, tried to configure redundancy mode Active/Standby,


At the first sight everything seem to be working normal,


I'm succeed to synchronize, configured network failover,


and other general settings.



But, for some reason both LTM's status is Active,


Tried to set redundancy state preference to one of them "Active",


to second "standby", and still both active.


Tried to press "Force to Standby", the LTM's status was just


few seconds as standby and then switched to active again.



I guess it isn't suppose to be that way,


is it may cause a split-brain?


and how can I fix this issue?



Best Regards,



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  • Hi Tal,



    Are you testing on virtual edition? If so, are you on 10.1 or 10.2? HA isn't officially supported with VE 10.1, but it should work anyway. See this post for steps from Qe:



    LTM VE - HA configuration