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Nov 03, 2011

Redirecting http request to external url via proxy




we are using F5 load balancers for our Internet environment. There is now a requirement during customer login to download a trojan detection script at an external company. But for the client point of view this script should be hosted from our own domain otherwise personal firewalls will block this script.



The plan is to create a pool an add this external website as a poolmember and have the F5 based on a specific URI to rewrite the URL to the external website and using SNAT to get the external script.



The problem is we are now doing a POC in our DTA environment but here the F5 does not have a direct Internet connection. The only option is to go via our browser proxies.



So I have created a pool wiht the proxy as a member and are using TCP 8080, redirecting normal HTTP traffic via the proxy is working, but the website hosting the external script is running on HTTPS.



The problem is that the proxy for HTTPS traffic is expecting a HTTP CONNECT request instead of a GET which is standard used for HTTP.



Is there anyway to change the HTTP method on the F5 from GET to CONNECT?



I know you can read the method via HTTP::method but I have not found an option to actually change the method to CONNECT.







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