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May 02, 2012

redirect VIP with carp persistence and ratio(member) distribution

I would like to know if it's possible to create a virtual server that does not proxy all client-server traffic through the BigIP, but instead sends a redirect to clients to fetch content directly off the server (maintaining the whole URI path in the redirect to the client, replacing the VIP name with the server name, appending the original URI path). This VIP would also have to use a CARP-hash persistence to evaluate which server in the pool the request should be sent to. The VIP would also need to honor the member(ratio) load distribution set in the pool properties to determine which server should get which levels of traffic. Sounds like a lot, and just wondering if this is doable or not. I want to stay away from secondary IP's on severs (to trick the load distribution), because it doesn't work when you need a 7/8'ths or 5/6'ths spread on a pool of 100 servers.

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  • Hi Tbrinck,



    As soon as you place a redirect on the connection to point to the server directly, the F5 will no longer validate the connection to the profiles of the VIP.


    hence, you will may not be able to achieve your requirement.