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May 18, 2011

Redirect http client to https on same non-default port

Hi guys,



I have a customer request of which I'm unsure whether it can be done at all or not:



I have a virtual https server on a BigIP running 10.2.0HF2. The virtual server is not running on port 443, but on non-default port 12345, balancing on a pool of development servers (plain http, SSL handling done by BigIP). Now, the customer requests a redirect from http to https in case the developers mistype instead of



The problem is: you'll have to use an iRule event which is triggered very early during the transaction (e.g. CLIENT_CONNECTED or RULE_INIT), but I'm not sure how to make the iRule realize that there is a plain HTTP request following WITHOUT prior SSL handshake and then issue a SSL::DISABLE followed by an HTTP::REDIRECT...



Any ideas on that? Many thanks in advance!





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