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Jul 02, 2020

redirect host with multi port to an private server


i wanto to redirect an url with several port

[2000 to 3000] to another private server with the same range port


https://publicserver:[2000:3000] --> http://privateserver:[2000:3000]


how i can make it?

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  • Create pool and VIP with wildcard port number and restrict incoming port[2000-3000] via iRule. Hope it will make sense.


    Creating 1000 VIPs and 1000 Pool is not wise solutions.

  • ok it's simple to create a pool and vip with wildcard?

    do you have any link that can help me?

    many thanks!

  • I am not able to see public use case but can guide you to create it. As i have done previously.


    While creating VIP use the VIP port "0" and pool member port with '0" with getway icmp monitor. Normal monitor will not work for wildcart port.


    Create the Irule and capture the client port and route the traffic.


    Hope clue will help you to solve issue.