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Sep 29, 2010

Redirect from one https pool to another https pool




I need to write an iRule that would route all traffic from a specific https pool to another https pool.





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  • Can you elaborate on "route all traffic?"



    Let's assume traffic hits your HTTPS Virtual Server and that your Virtual Server has a default pool of servers listening on port 443. Where do you want the traffic to go after LTM sends it to the pool of servers listening on port 443?
  • I want it redirected to another pool. But let me explain some more please.



    here is the setup: I have a pool of servers running Linux Apache web server which they act as Proxy servers for all incoming traffic (http or https). The Linux admin does not want to configure SSL/port 443 on the Apache server. So, is there a way I can route https traffic coming from outside through the F5 to another pool of servers that will accept https traffic or do I have to create a new VS using same IP for SSL?