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Jan 03, 2012

redirect customers without our cookie to sorrypage, v10.2.3



I need to be able to redirect customer when we gets some type of traffic spikes to our site.


It’s not happening so often, but it could be nice to be able to apply some type of iRule when it happens.


Customers connect to our site via Akamai (pipelining).


If customer goes to the candyshop part of our website he gets cookie1.


We do not want to send this customer with cookie1 to some type of "sorry page", not the customers with cookie2 and cookie3 either but all other can be redirected to the "sorry page".


I have been looking for quite many different examples, but many are counting all the client connections and I am not interested in that, just the client connections without our cookies (new customers).



Have you seen any examples of that?





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  • just the client connections without our cookies (new customers).have you tried HTTP::cookie exists?



    HTTP::cookie exists


    Returns a true value if the cookie exists.



    HTTP::cookie wiki