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Feb 04, 2012

Re-direction Problem

Hi everyone,


I am using Oracle E-business suite 12 and currently I am trying to do the load balancing over my two servers using the F5 LTM . I am using https offloading for the Oracle setup on LTM units. Now a user tries to access the oracle application using http and it redirects the user initially to https and then there is a automatic redirection which gives the user browser direct communication between the Oracle server and the user browser as i can see the Https turning to http and there is no counter movement for any further traffice on LTM. I tried looking for everything but I can't figure out what is the problem is there anything I have to do on the Oracle servers as well??? Any help in this matter will be highly appreciated. If any one has faced such issue and knows the solution please help me out.




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    Yes, you have reconfigure the servers, as stated in the EBS deployment guide Pre-requisites section. Refer to Oracle Support Whitepaper - Note: 380489.1.



    The following are prerequisites for this section:


    ◆ We strongly recommend you read the Oracle Support white paper Using


    Load-Balancers with Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12. The Doc ID


    is Note:380489.1



    In case you didn't use the deployment guide - it is found here:





    Good Luck!



  • Thanks Chris for the above reply which is absolutely correct and F5 must have included it as part of their document for implementing Oracle E-business suit but its not mentioned any where in the document. Have you used any synthetic monitor for monitoring the Oracle server. A monitor that takes the username and password and pass it on to the server to access it and based on the reply mark the server as up or down.