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Jul 21, 2011

RAM Cache Separation

Hi Guys,



We have a single LTM for our DTQ environment running 4 test environments. I am trying to enable ram caching for the same domain in each test environment, at the moment all 4 environments live in the common partition. I have created 4 separate http profiles and enabled ram caching in each.



However running smoke tests on 2 environments i seem to get cached content served from test environment 1 in test environment 2 since the host name and the request match a cached entry in ram cache from environment 1.



Is there a method to have these all living on the same box and not sharing the same ram cache?



If i partition off the test environments will this still occur?



Currently running 10.1.0 HF2.








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  • Hi Tidenz,



    I would have expected separate HTTP profiles to fix this. If that doesn't work, I'm not sure that partitions would help. You might try opening a case with F5 Support on this to get clarification on whether this is expected behavior and possibly another solution.