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Oct 01, 2019


Hi Friends,


I am preparing for a exam and was trying to crack some interesting practice questions on F5 but stucked with few of them . Requesting if anyone can help me to get correct answer.



Question : Which security policy protects from known attacks and defines resources that should be accessible?

A. a security policy using both positive and negative security

B. a security policy using ACL security

C. a security policy using negative security only

D. a security policy using positive security only


As per me : A or B



Question : What are two advantages of running a virtualized load balancer over running a hardware load balancer? (Choose two.)

A. A virtual load balancer can be deployed remotely via software.

B. A virtual load balancer is faster.

C. A virtual load balancer is easier to configure.

D. A virtual load balancer runs newer code than a hardware load balancer.

E. A virtual load balancer is cheaper.


As per Me : A and E



Question : An administrator is deploying four identical servers to perform load balanced DNS. What is the correct configuration to accomplish this?

A. round robin load balancing without persistence

B. round robin load balancing with simple persistence

C. ratio load balancing with cookie persistence

D. ratio load balancing with simple persistence


As per Me : A



Question : An administrator needs to restrict the HTTP methods that a client can use to interact with an application. Which F5 feature provides this functionality?

A. iRules

B. HTTP profiles

C. iControl

D. Streaming profiles


As per Me : HTTP profiles



Question : How big-IP devices trust each other ?

A.Device group

B.Unit id

C.Certification authorty

D.Trust id


As per Me: D



Question : False-positives comes in?



C.Context based

D. Role based


As per Me : C



Question : When an administrator is increasing the private key from 1023 to 2048 bits , what should he consider in this case?

A. Certificates will not support 2048

B. Hardware wil not support 2048

C. Processing speed will be fast

D. Processing speed will be slow


As per Me : ?? / Not Sure



Question : Which can act as client and server ?


B.Downloading email




As per Me : ?? / Not Sure



Question : User A and User B are on the same vlan, and connected to layer 2 transparent bridge In ARP what MAC address will User B see ?

A. Logical port MAC address connected to layer 2 on User B

B. Logical port MAC address connected to layer 2 on User A

C. User A MAC address

D. User B MAC address


As per Me : C



Question : represent what form of DNS ?

A. A





As per Me : A


Question : What does an organisation use to protect its security certificate domain






As per Me : C