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Oct 05, 2010

Question about allowing access to part of the site based on previous URL

Is there a way to allow access to a particular part of a site based on the referrer and the request for a particular part of the site?



For ex,






If there is a request for "/URLdocs"


a) Allow access to that URL only if (referer) they are coming from /URLTEST1 or /URLTEST2


ex. if I'm on website/URLTEST1, I can access /URLdocs




b) If the referer is not URLTEST1 or URLTEST2, send them back to the index of the webpage. (Use HTTP Redirect for this)



ex. if I'm on website/URLsomehwereelse and make a request for /URLdocs, I can not access /URLDOCS and sent back to index of the main page



c) if there is no request for /URLdocs, just pass regular requests


probably wouldn't need to add this in the IRULE as there would be no criteria for it





Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.






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  • Thanks Stefan.



    I was having issues with the actual syntax and was able to modify it to get it to work.



    Thanks for the reply, much appreciated as it has pointed me in the right direction.