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Sep 18, 2022

Python script to save /sys config file

Hi guys, I need help writing a dedicated script to do those things: # tmsh save /sys config file bigip.conf no-passphrase # netstat -nr > netroute.txt Both of the files need to be sent to another ...
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    Sep 20, 2022

    Hi MaxMedov, this works local for me, but you might need to flesh out a little functionality to meet your needs. I used bigrest for this sample:

    from bigrest.bigip import BIGIP
    from datetime import datetime
    datestring ='%Y-%m-%d')
    hostname = 'ltm3.test.local'
    br = BIGIP(hostname, 'admin', 'admin', request_token=True)
    # Save Config
    data = {'command': 'save'}
    task = br.task_start("/mgmt/tm/task/sys/config", data)
    print(f'Task {["_taskId"]} created at {"%H:%M:%S")}')
    if br.task_completed(task):
        print(f'Task {["_taskId"]} completed at {"%H:%M:%S")}')
        raise Exception()
    # Copy config to /shared/images/
    data = {'command': 'run', 'utilCmdArgs': f'-c "cp /config/bigip.conf /shared/images/{datestring}-{hostname}-bigip.conf"'}
    br.command('/mgmt/tm/util/bash', data)
    # Save netstat -rn data to /shared/images/
    data = {'command': 'run', 'utilCmdArgs': f'-c "netstat -rn > /shared/images/{datestring}-{hostname}-netroute.txt"'}
    br.command('/mgmt/tm/util/bash', data)
    # Download files'/mgmt/cm/autodeploy/software-image-downloads/', f'{datestring}-{hostname}-netroute.txt')'/mgmt/cm/autodeploy/software-image-downloads/', f'{datestring}-{hostname}-bigip.conf')
    # Remove files from /shared/images/
    data = {'command': 'run', 'utilCmdArgs': f'/shared/images/{datestring}-{hostname}-netroute.txt'}
    br.command('/mgmt/tm/util/unix-rm', data)
    data = {'command': 'run', 'utilCmdArgs': f'/shared/images/{datestring}-{hostname}-bigip.conf'}
    br.command('/mgmt/tm/util/unix-rm', data)

      And after running, I have both files downloaded for me in my local directory:

    jrahm@mac scripts % ls -als | grep 2022-09-20
       968 -rw-r--r--    1 rahm  1437522721     495338 Sep 20 01:47 2022-09-20-ltm3.test.local-bigip.conf
         8 -rw-r--r--    1 rahm  1437522721        803 Sep 20 01:47 2022-09-20-ltm3.test.local-netroute.txt