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Jul 20, 2011

pyControl 2, differnet port

I am creating an application where I need to create a distributed deployment.


Right now I am using the library and forcing everything through a socks proxy, which works very well. But I have need during this application to contact multiple F5's on different ports.




import socks




socket.socket = socks.socksocket




This works great, in that all my traffic goes to the socks proxy tunnel that I setup with ssh, but it redirects all traffic toward that tunnel.



I am wanting to setup the following:



ssh -N -f -L 4444:



ssh -N -f L 5555:




And then have my instance of pycontrol based on which F5 i need use 4444 or 5555 respectively. This would use a straight tunnel, not the socks functionality.



I saw some reference to options for suds where you could change the URI that is called with pycontrol, but didnt quite know how to wrap that together to use a port.



uri = ""



This appears messy, and not sure how it would work with, or even compatiable with b = pc.BIGIP().






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  • This will work - just change the suds client object's "location" attribute to reflect whatever port you want. Inside your instantiated client object you'll see a 'suds' attribute with all the relevant options, as well as a set_options() method. Have a look here for an example of using this: