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Nov 15, 2010

Public Cloud LTM features exposed

Hi members, if you had to pick the top-10 features of LTM that a public cloud offering should expose to its users, what would they be? In what order?




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  • Sorry I didn't reply earlier. This is an awesome question. I'd be curious what options Rackspace is offering. I guess it would depend on the type of cloud offering.



    Some cool options I can think of:



    1. Automated provisioning with VMWare


    2. I know we're talking LTM, but offering ASM (with the ability to tailor it to customer's app) would be cool.


    3. iRules - Obviously tons of customization options.


    4. Not sure whether the Quova GeoIP license would allow the GeoIP info to be used in such a manner, but it would be cool.