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Jul 01, 2011

Proxy between web servers.

Hi Guys,



I'm new in F5 and iRules, so need some help.


We are during migration proces of sharpoint 2007 to new farm 2010. We have a web application which contains many site collection which can't be migrate at a time. So in the same time we will have two web servers which will bind the same application i.e. And to make migration transparent for the clients, we need to proxy requests to old farm server if site collection wasn't migrate or to new one if it was.



For example


there are two addresses



And first one was migrated so we need to proxy it to the new server (IP,


the second one is still on the old farm so should be proxy to old server (IP



Is there any iRule we could use to make such proxy? Or maybe you have some other concept.



Best wishes,





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  • Hi Adrian,

    I suppose the simpliest way would be to create 2 pools. Pool 1 would contact the new address and Pool 2 would contain the old server.

    Then you could write up an irule that would look like the following:

    when HTTP_REQUEST {
      if { [HTTP::host] eq "" } {
        switch -glob [string tolower [HTTP::uri]] {
          "/sites/it"  { pool pool1 }
          "/sites/hr" { pool pool 2 }

    I hope this helps