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Jun 27, 2022

Prompt for F5 and Duo APM integration


I have integrated the F5 with Duo as per this link, works perfectly.

However, our end users would like some sort of prompt or message to prompt them to look at their phone to approve the access. Something like "waiting for user...". I could put a message box in the access policy but that would be clumsy as the user would need to click another button.

Could anyone provide any tips on achieving this? Something like a spinning wheel to pop up with a message would be great.

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  • Thanks for the question Mick.

    That Duo article is robust. I don't know much about this specifically - I'll reach out to some folks to see if anyone has any ideas.

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      Hi Lief

      Thanks for the reply. That was my fall back solution, its not ideal as it requires the user to click another prompt. What I was hoping for, was that when the Duo notifiction is sent to the users phone, a message appears on the F5 to remind the user to accept the Duo request on their phone. So all they do is accept the Duo request and the F5 passes them through. On the F5 APM profile, i would imagine this would need to occur in the RADIUS Auth step. Not sure how that would work.


  • Hi Mick have you seen this configuration? This method provides a message to the user to check their device.

    I think the only alternative with the RADIUS approach is the message box as you've mentioned but I get that the additional click adds another step for the user.