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Mar 13, 2012

Profile HTTP and Cisco ip phones





I have a problem with the HTTP profile for connections that Cisco IP phones will .


For example, with the 7960 model I configured services work , as they pass through F5 and if the Virtual server I have enabled the HTTP profile , however if you take it off, everything works OK .


I captured traffic, and the only difference is the second line "Transfer-Encoding"



HTTP/1.1 200 OK


Transfer- Encoding: chunked


Date : Fri , 02 Mar 2012 10:13:39 GMT


Server : Cherokee


X -Powered -By : PHP/5.2.17


Cache -Control: no-store , no-cache , must- revalidate , post- check = 0, pre -check = 0


Pragma: no-cache


Content- type: text / xml; charset = iso -8859-1


Connection : close


Expires : -1



I tried changing the HTTP profile , the field Chunking , but the result is not correct









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  • what is communication used for? is it between cisco ip phone (client) and callmanager (pool member)? just wondering if it is really http traffic (even i do see http 200 response).
  • Exactly, the communication is between a ip phone and call manager.



    The petition makes the phone is HTTP traffic.



    Everything works fine if I remove the HTTP profile of VS, but with the profile on, the phone makes the request and returns me the following error:



    XML Error [4]: Error analysis




  • This happens only 7960 and 6941 models. In the other models works OK.



  • may you capture packet and compare between client-side (phone and bigip) and server-side (bigip and callmanager) packet? i do not see any report issue in past cases.
  • The only catch is the difference between Transfer-Encoding field, in a capture is "Chunked" and another "Accepted".


    I think one of the differences of those models of phones ip with others, is that these two have a switch instead of a hub.



    Let's create a new VS typo Layer 4, so everything works OK.



    Thanks a lot!!!