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Mar 25, 2011

Problem about connection graph

I need to know about connection graph method whether the system will keep all traffic information to make this graph or not?

instance, forwarding virtual server traffic, NAT, SNAT etc.




The reason why I asked that because I found mismatch result graph when I compare BIGIP(LTM) graph and other graph maker brand,


BIGIP graph show less traffic than other graph maker so I guess the BIGIP system did not keep forwarding vs traffic. True or false?


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  • Hi Thuchapon,



    How is the other graph maker collecting its statistics? Is it from LTM via SNMP or other network device?



    How many more connections on that graph are you seeing compared with the LTM performance graphs for connections? Which LTM version are you testing?



    Have you seen SOL8485?



    SOL8485: The PVA performance graphs show performance data for fully accelerated connections




  • 1. from LTM via SNMP


    2. so many but i don't sure, because i tested at customer's site.


    3. V.9.3.1


    4. I haven't ever seen SOL8485