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Jul 12, 2012

Previous customization broke NODE UP/NODE DOWN

As the summary states, I've inherited pair of LTM 3600s. I am not an F5 LTM novice and I've verified all the logging levels (MCP..etc) and even looked at their config files. What do have is a BOATLOAD of custom monitors (all unused) in the /config/ directory. They've changed the default /config/monitors file and put in a couple external monitors. As a result I can't get node logging working, healthchecking actually works, it just doesn't tell me when it does. I have 2 of these in a clustered pair and the standby has the EXACT SAME ISSUE. So the problem is being sync'd by the cluster manager.



My question:



I've lost NODE UP/ NODE DOWN logging completely...Does anyone know whether or not changing /config/monitors or any other /config file could literally break a key logging function like NODE UP/DOWN?



Work done already, to no avail:


Setting every logging level in the system to debug


Verified tmm, mcp at the config file level...all defaults.



What does work:


Any iRule logging


Remote syslog logging (without node up/down either)


"No members available" messages still works, so I know when a pool is completely down.



Some highlights from the previous admins:


/config/monitors has been completely replaced with a list of external monitors (not used)




Any ideas would be much appreciated. Resetting to factory isn't an option.



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  • have you checked syslog setting (bigpipe syslog list) and /etc/syslog-ng/syslog-ng.conf file? is there any custom configuration?