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Aug 03, 2011

Possible performance issue with iRule?




I have this iRule configured on a fairly standard HTTP VIP.






switch -glob [HTTP::uri] {


"/ee/employer*" { pool Pool_ee_employer_83 }


"/ee/search*" { pool Pool_ee_search_84 }


"/pack*" { pool Pool_pack_85 }







The VIP does not have any persistance configured.



It has the default HTTP profile assigned



No default pool is selected either.




The iRule works fine, however people have been complaining that the images on the pages take a while to load and sometimes do not load at all.


When testing if i continually press refresh on my browser the images will load, but also the page changes its layout. For example - it goes from left aligned to centre aligned. Sometimes borders are displayed, sometimes they are not.



Could this be an issue with the iRule or the F5?





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