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Sep 05, 2023

Port Redirect

Looking at  situation when application port is down, Client will not take note as it will be redirected to a working port 

e.g Server listening on port 2022  when port 2022 is down, users should be redirected to 2023 without knowing.

1. port 2022 down

2.user to hit port 2023.

Will need the solution as we have a port thatis usually going down and do affect revenue 

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  • Hi FAJUMO , 

    Why do you bother yourself by redirection. 

    you can use Priority Group activation feature ( PGA )  within the pool. 

    For instance :  Create a pool contains 2 members ( & ) as long as it's the same service. 

    so the PoA from my perspective : 
    1- add the 2 members within same pool with different ports ( no matter ) 
    2- you can assign health monitor for each member independently/separately , this will make your pool to inherit the availability without assigning any health monitor over all the pool. 
    so here both of members should be available. 

    3- activate PGA feature with less than 1 , give the first member the higher priority/score to let the traffic to be forwarded to it and give the second member a lower score  to let bigip relies on it in case of failures in the first member only. 

    4- none of your client will observe this change of ports as long as there is a full proxy in between client and servers , which dest address/port should be changed each time this virtual server. 

    here you're all details about PGA : & 

    I hope this helps you 🙂 

  • Need more info to propose possible solutions.

    Is your VS on dedicated port 2022 or 2023. Or it shall be in standard ports like 443. And you intend to direct the traffic to pool member on port 2022.

    Reason i ask, you've stated redirect traffic.

      • Hi FAJUMO,

        Any particular reason, why the same pool cannot have as pool member, do you have port translation disabled ?



        Pool members &