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Mar 02, 2019

Pool member traffic check



I am new to F5. The question is regarding virtual service & its pool members. A new VS has been configured with a pool containing 2 members.


Is there a way in CLI to check which one of these members the traffic is hitting to? We are in the phase of testing the resiliency of this VS while disabling one member at a time? Also, to test which way is better - force offline or disable member?


Appreciate all inputs. Thank you.


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  • Shows the current state and number of current connections to a pool and its pool members from the CLI:

    tmsh show ltm pool  members detail | grep -E 'Ltm|State|Avail|Reas|Current Conn'

    Disabling and forcing offline both gracefully drain active connections to the pool member in question. The only difference is that disabling will also honour persistent connections while forcing offline does not.