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Mar 10, 2021

plink command in powershell | problem with imish


I'm trying to send "imish" command via powershell to f5 and it is not working

I tried:

  • imish
  • run /util imish -r 0

both ways did not work

I also tried to send the command in the same line like this:

plink admin@ -pw 12345 imish

and via external file like this:

plink admin@ -pw 12345 -m E:\myfolder\imishcommand.txt
  • Any other command like "show" or "list" is working fine
  • If I do it gradually, step by step, first by passing the credentials and then when I'm in I write the "imish" command, it is working fine

The user I'm using has the administrator level. I also tried with the local "admin" user and the "root" user.

Why I'm not able to send the imish command along with the plink command

Alternatively, if there is a way to check "show ip ospf neighbor" without entering the "imish"