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Aug 19, 2015

Persistence Mirroring for Cookie Persitence Profile

Hello Champs,


I was reading the cookie persistence and came across this statement :


Mirror Persistence, Match Across Services, Match Across Virtual Servers, and Match Across Pools do not apply to the HTTP Cookie Rewrite method. These settings apply to the Cookie Hash method only.


Is there a specific reason, why we cant use the above features for Cookie Insert, Cookie Rewrite and Cookie Passive, but only Cookie Hash.


Please advise.


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  • Hi,


    the reason is all persistence information is in the cookie value.


    when failover, the newly active use the cookie provided by another cluster member as it provide it itself.


  • So cant the mirroring be done on standby device to save the normal cookie value without hash?


  • the cookie value contains all pool members information.


    cookie insert mirroring is useless as ltm does not save persistence information...


  • Okay cool. Now that leaves another doubt for me.. How will the PASSIVE cookie works? If the Backend is sending cookie in Encrypted/Hashed way, how the "new Active" F5 will be able to understand the Pool Member information...