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Mar 30, 2012

Persistence in one pool depending on persistence in other pool

Hi iRulesmen,


I have quite strange case, we have 2 pools with different members used for TMG servers.


Idea is, that when client connects to server1 in first pool, then when he connects to second pool he should also connect to server1 in second pool. IP addresses of servers in pools are not the same!



When customer goes through TMG for office 2010 its ok, but some users have still active mails in office 2007 and they are then using TMG in second pool and because persistence between those 2 pools is not connected, they have some authenticate problems.



PS: LB is not offloading SSL, it's terminated on servers..maybe it's quite limiting



Thanks for any ideas,




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  • Hi Zdenek,



    Which LTM version are you working on? You should be able to map a UIE persistence or session table entry based on client IP.



  • Hi,


    I think its running on 10.2.2 or 10.2.1.


    Yep, uie persistence seems to be my help. But firstly I have to struggle with uie iRule to find good one:-)





  • Well, after some searching in this site it seems that its not so often problem. I know how to add uie persistence when clients connect to one VIP. But can I read this record from another VIP?



    When I use persist lookup, can I see to which member is client connected?








    for first VIP




    when LB_SELECTED {


    set key "TMG[IP::client_addr]"


    table set "$key" [LB::server addr]







    for second VIP






    set key "TMG[IP::client_addr]"


    set $pid [table lookup "$key"]


    apply conditions on $pid to select the pool member