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Oct 31, 2011

Persistance Rule Based on Custom Cookie

In the Cookie persistance (I am used to insert) I need to do a persistance based on an existing (named ClientID) cookie the client will send. I see passive modes if they put in a cookie Named BigIPServer cookie that is formatted correctly, and I also see a rewrite method that if they have the name write and all zero payload. But then I also see Cookie Hash Value which seems like what I want. Can anyone help me know if this is what I am looking for any any hints how to set it up? thanks in advance

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  • Cookie hash is want you need. Just create a new cookie persistency profile, based on cookie hash. Within the profile define the name of the cookie. Assign the persitency profile to a VS. That should do it.





    Kurt Knochner
  • just wondering why we won't use universal persistence.



    sol7392: Overview of universal persistence

  • It seems the universal one would also work is there any advantage or disadvantage over the previous answer as it would also work. thanks!
  • for cookie hash, have you seen this one? please be noted information in the important section.



    sol6586: Overview of Cookie Hash persistence