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Feb 09, 2012

PermissionDenied without even trying

Hi All,



I've come across a strange situation with the powershell icontrol setup I have. I've written a script which (when working) will loop through our LTM estate gathering info and storing it in a DB. This process works fine against the first couple of LTM's I've pointed it at, but when I added another one yesterday I constantly get errors. I've taken my script out of the loop and am trying to connect interactively with still no success:



Initialize-F5-iControl : Could not initialize connection with supplied information


Line:1 char:23


Initialize-F5.iControl <<<< -HostName XX.XX.XX.XX -Username admin -Password XXXXX


CategoryInfo : PermissionDenied: (XX.XX.XX.XX:String) [Initialize-F5.iControl], Exception


FullyQualifiedErrorId: 2, icontrolSnapIn.CmdLet.Global.InitializeiiControl




I know the answer looks obvious, but apart from me knowing that I do actually have the correct credentials so it can't be a permissions problem, running a tcpdump on the LTM itself shows there is absolutely no traffic hitting it at all, so the snapin is failing without even trying to connect.



Does anybody know what this might be? I know that address that I've masked out would go via a set of proxies if I was to browse via IE(because of pac file), but my understanding of the icontrol thing is that you have to specifically ask it to proxy so I wouldn't expect it to be messing around with IE settings or anything.



Thanks in advance for any help



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