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Nov 09, 2011

Perl Management/DeviceGroup





I'm trying to setup a monitoring script for an LTM cluster running v11.0. What I wish to monitor, is whether the configuration on the active node has changed. (if so; we should do a config sync manually)




For version 9, I've used these variables.












These don't seem to work for version 11, so I've been looking into Management/DeviceGroup instead. What stops me, is that I cannot get any output from these functions:












(I get an undefined value in return)




These functions work:












This is the code I'm using:






get certificate information:


my @device_groups = (








$query = $apiHandle->get_sync_state( SOAP::Data->name(device_groups => [@device_groups]));


$sync_state = $query->result();


print Dumper(\$sync_state);






The produced result, is undef..




Does anyone know why this happens?


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    Hi Erland,



    I think I know what's going on here. I looked at the WSDL on a box running version 11.0.0 for the Management::DeviceGroup interface and couldn't find the "get_sync_state" or "get_member_state" methods referenced. My best guess is that these methods are available in version 11.0.0-HF1 (build 8131), which was released to the web on 10/18. Any chance you're running the initial release of version 11.0.0 (build 8037)? Try applying the hotfix and the methods should appear.



  • Erland



    Did you manage to get this working?



    I've got a couple of v11 HF1 boxes which I'd like to do the same on... However i've had a look at the Management.DeviceGroup WSDL and cant see a get_sync_state method...





  • No, it does not work for me either, and the version reported is: BIG-IP 11.1.0 Build 1943.0 Final