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Dec 04, 2010

Perl iControl EAV to down pool if minimum members aren't available

First post to DevCentral though I've lurked a long time.


Much of this code was gleaned from other posts or examples so I only take credit for putting this together in this particular form.



The script is used as an EAV and you just set and pass environment variables to it.


The requirement I had was to detect if the number of active/up members dropped below "X" the entire pool should be disabled so the GTM would fail the service over to another site.



I welcome feedback and improvements. I'm still polishing it.



Edited to attach the code in a file.




I've already moved on and decide to re-write the whole thing in tmsh which I need to post as it is done and working properly.



Thanks Aaron for pointing out the formatting issue.


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  • Hi Russell,



    Thanks for posting this. It looks like a useful script. Can you edit it and use [ code ] [/ code ] blocks to preserve the spacing and prevent smilies? Once you're done testing, it would make a great codeshare example: