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Jun 23, 2011

Performance L4 and iRules

Hello I am wondering if someone can help with with an iRule issue that I am having. Please forgive me if this seems a bit confusing, I am willing to explain the back story! I am in the middle of deploying Exchange 2010 with a pair of F5 LTMs. I am wondering is there a way that I can have an irule that works for a performance L4 VS that will append to a url request? for example: A user goes to and I want to make sure \owa is appended at the end of the uri. I used the simple HTTP::REQUEST syntax for an irule but it states that I need either an http or fasthttp profile associated to my VS. Since it is setup as a Performance L4 I am at a loss of how to make this work. Any advice would be well received! :) Thanks!

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    With a Performance virtual server, TMM can't do any layer7 inspection or modification. You lose a lot of the benefit LTM offers for application optimization when using a Performance L4 virtual server. Have you seen the Exchange 2010 deployment guide? It goes over different implementation methodologies.