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Aug 24, 2011

Per Packet Load balancing for TCP (when transactions are encapsulated in a single packet always)

Hello all,



I was wondering if anyone had done this before. I am working with a banking system that requires tcp connections to the virtual servers that are always up.



The pool members are not so fussy.



Basically I am trying to find out if it is possible to load balance packets at the F5>pool member side while maintaining the tcp connection back to the client.



All data is contained within single packets as the app is designed this way and responses are sent back to the client through the same connection (also per packet transactions)..



Was toying with something like this (I am a bit of a newbie!!)





TCP::collect }






TCP::release }



And maybe combine this with oneconnect so that the TCP connections to the pool members are never dropped and can respond to the clients...



i am looking at multiple options to achieve load spread/balance for this and have another forum posting open here:



Any help much appreciated.


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