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Jun 09, 2011

PeopleSoft Access Logging (PSACCESSLOG) Showing IP Address of LTM

Hey guys,



Long story short, fronting PeopleSoft with LTM using SNAT and PSACCESSLOG shows the SNAT IP. I'm wondering how to tell PS to derive IP from X-Forwarded-For or WL-Proxy-IP.


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  • Hi Chris,



    Maybe here:






    To get the value of X-forwarded-for (i.e. The IP address of the client.) you just have to do the two following things from the console



    Console Path:




    AdminConsole —> Servers —-> [Your_Server_Name] —> Configuration [Tab] —> General [Sub-Tab] —>



    - Click on “Advanced” Link


    - Check the CheckBox in this Page “WebLogic Plug-In Enabled”







    Servers –> [YOUR_SERVER_NAME] —> Logging [Tab] —> HTTP [sub-tab]



    - Click on Advanced Link at the bottom of the page


    - In the “Extended Logging Format Fields:” Just add the c-ip at the beginning or at the end of the values and save it.



    Suppose if you have given c-ip at the beginning then the output in the access.log would be something like this




  – - [26/Apr/2011:16:36:14 +0530] “GET /SimpleWebApp/ HTTP/1.1″ 200 119

  – - [26/Apr/2011:16:36:14 +0530] “GET /favicon.ico HTTP/1.1″ 404 1214



    Where “″ is the client IP.





    Ravish Mody




  • Hi All,



    I had quite a bit of trouble with this on WL10.3.4 and ended up logging an SR with Oracle. In addition to the steps above you also need to go...



    Servers -> [YOUR_SERVER_NAME] -> Protocols -> HTTP [sub-tab]



    -In the 'Remote Address Override' text box enter 'X-Forwarded-For'



    Oracle has an internal MOS support note 1531012.1 which they said they will publicize at some stage in the future... but not at the time of this writing.



    Unfortunately, none of the steps above address the initial question "PeopleSoft Access Logging (PSACCESSLOG) Showing IP Address of LTM".



    PSACCESSLOG is actually an internal PeopleSoft database table that gets written to when a user correctly authenticates to a database. My initial research indicates this requires custom code to get the IP being written to the weblogic PIA_access.log file but I haven't yet confirmed this. I will update if I get a decent solution.