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May 25, 2012

passing destination IP in request header

Is it possible for the load balancer to pass the destination server's IP/port in the request header once it has selected the dest. server? We have some legacy code that extracts the IP/port from the request header and by default the IP/port is that of the load balancer. Can you configure the LB to change the request header to provide the dest. IP/port instead?



thank you

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  • Hi,



    I'm not sure if I understand you correctly, do you want to pass this information (IP/Port of the selected pool member) to


    (1) the server which is serving the content? or


    (2) the Client which is requesting the content?



    in 1. doesn't really make sense, server should know on which port it is serving the content



    in 2. if it is http traffic you could use cookie to insert this information (actualy by default BigIP inserts this information IP/Port in to the cookie)