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May 10, 2011

Partition-based user roles and SSL Certificates

I'm trying to set up user roles for virtual servers in different partitions. Is there a partition-limited role that will allow these users to import and modify SSL certs for the virtual servers in that partition? Or is the administrator the only role that will allow cert import/changes?






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  • Interesting... As My main LTMs are not version 10+ yet, I am still hving to do the pfx to pem conversions at the command line. V10 does not require the whole command line dance to convert the PFX file.


  • I believe that the minimum set of permissions required to do what you are looking for is "Resource Administrator".



    Resource Administrator: Grants users complete access to all objects on the system, except user account objects. These users can perform configuration synchronization on a redundant system.



    This allows them access to every partition.


  • Yeah, it looks like I'm out of luck. There is no partition-limited role that can import or administer certs.



    It's not as important a feature request for partitions as, say, the ability to move a virtual server from one partition to another (without deleting it and re-creating it from scratch), but letting my customers handle their own cert management would be a great feature.