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Oct 28, 2010

Page cannot be displayed on redirect




We have a very simple redirect






HTTP::redirect ""





The virtual server here does not have a pool associated with it. IT is just a redirect. It is on it's own IP address. There is nothing special about this at all!



It worked perfectly for me and most users. Other users are getting an "Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage". I am being told if they hit refresh at that point, then the page loads.



It sounds to me like it is some kind of redirect that IE thinks is going in an infinite loop or something. is a redirect but it's done within the code. Any ideas??



So to reiterate, you go to and it redirects you to which redirects you to



This is all Non-ssl regular http.


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  • Hi PJ,



    If resolves to a different IP than the VS this iRule is on and that IP doesn't redirect back to the original VS, I don't see how you could be getting a loop.



    Can you reproduce the issue and capture a tcpdump to see exactly what's happening? Or can you install a browser plugin like Fiddler for IE?