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Jan 23, 2012

Outlook WEB APP Sessions timing out




We have recently migrated to Exchange 2010, and leverage F5 devices in a single virtual Server setup to load balance between our Exchange 2010 CAS front-end servers.



What we are experiencing are that Outlook Web App sessions (Web based mail for Ex2010) are timing out randonly early disconnecting clients. When using OWA one has the option to choose 'public' (15 minute timeout) or 'private' (8 hour timeout), but sometimes randomly users will select 'Private' option and still will be timed out/disconnected in 5 minutes.



Does anyone have any ideas on what might remedy this?



Also, F5 support directed me to the following technote.



Could this idle timeout setting of 5 minutes be stepping on the 15 minute public, and 8 hour private setting? How do F5 settings work with Exchange Services like OWA that have custom timeout settings?



This is the portion of the irule in which we account for OWA connections that defaulted from the F5/Exchange 2010 single virtual server deployment template.





default {


This final section takes all traffic that has not


otherwise been accounted for and sends it to the


pool for Outlook Web App


persist cookie


pool Ex2010_single_owa_pool



If using the Web Accelerator module, uncomment the


following line and change the name to that of


your WA class.


HTTP::class select Ex2010_single_wa_http_class










Thanks in Advance. This has been very frustrating to resolve.



Scott B.

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