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Sep 19, 2011

Outlook anywhere & APM


We have a VIP which is used for OWA and i'm trying to configure it for Outlook anywhere.


We use the APM module for OWA to authenticate users from multiple domains.




I have added the 'client for Microsoft exchange' server side check at the start of the policy editor in APM and also added the irules that it suggests (_sys_APM_ExchangeSupport_main)




However when i test outlook prompts me for a username and password (which is normal) but then nothing happens, it just keeps asking me for a username and password and never authenticates.




Do i need to setup a SSO profile with NTLM?




Running big IP version 10.2.1






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  • Hi Luca,


    It depends wheter your Outlook Anywhere needs Basic Auth to authenticate or not.


    I would say you should go for at least 10.2.2 better 11.1HF1 to implement this.


    Kind Regards