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Dec 08, 2010

OpenText on LTM?

We are doing a new install of OpenText. We are using LTM version 9.4.8 for load balancing between two servers.



The basic URI is /livelink/livelink.exe. For some reason this is not being served up when running the app through the F5. Static content like a GIF works fine.



Is there anything special that needs to be done to get OpenText to work? I'm interested in tips for either the F5 side or the server side.



Any help is appreciated!



Mike Harpe


US Army Human Resources Command


Fort Knox, KY


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  • Hi Mike,



    Can you use a browser plugin like HttpFox for Firefox or Fiddler for any browser and compare a working session direct to the application and a broken session via LTM? Once you figure out more on what's failing versus working, can you post an anonymized summary of the request(s) and/or response(s) that are different? We can then give you further suggestions.