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Jun 04, 2012

OneConnect and LB:detach

I'm a bit confused regarding the functionality of OneConnect. My understanding is the TCP connections to pool members will be reused. This would be the server-side connection. Then I read SOL9800:



"With a OneConnect profile applied, the server-side connection is always detached upon completion of the server response"



At first, this sounded like the connection is torn down, leaving little time for it to be reused. This seemed like a contradition. So now I'm thinking this detachment is just the pool and member selection, leaving the TCP session alive. Then for the next HTTP request, if the same pool and member happen to be selected, the old existing server-side connection could be reused. Is this correct? If not, can someone please explain what is meany by "detach?"



Regarding the LB:detach command, in SOL7964 it gives a couple of example iRules, each with the LB:detach command issued following the HTTP_REQUEST event. Why wouldn't the detach be done in the HTTP_RESPONSE event?




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  • Hi Josh,



    These are good questions. You could open a case with F5 Support to confirm this. But I believe you're correct on the first point that detach means the serverside connection is left open but logically detached for the current clientside connection so it can be reused by the current or other client connections for subsequent requests.



    I think LB::detach called in HTTP_REQUEST causes a logical disconnect of any pre-existing serverside connections to allow for new load balancing/persistence of the current request.