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May 31, 2012

OneConnect and 404s

Hi all,



Per my understanding from a support engineer, OneConnect will tear down a server side connection if a HTTP 404 is seen.



Have others seen this and can confirm?



What is F5's logic behind this? 404s do not mean the server is in an unhealthy state, only that the data requested does not exist.



Thanks in advance - interested in hearing others' thoughts on this.


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  • Hi Mersin,

    Yes, OneConnect disconnects the serverside connection for a 404 response. This is noted in bz365822. I'm not sure what the logic is for this, but you can work around it by using a simple iRule:

    when HTTP_RESPONSE {
       ONECONNECT::reuse enable

    You could request that the logic be improved in a Support case.

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      Is there any update to this? Is this behaviour still in v12?


      Thanks Rajesh


  • So according to F5 support since v11.2 there is a BigDB variable tmm.http.oc.droponerror controlling whether OneConnect will drop the server-side connection if there is a 404 and most other HTTP errors in Response (enabled by default). Posting this on DevCentral so it becomes public knowledge - I could not find documentation about this BigDB entry anywhere in LTM documentation

     tmsh show running-config sys db tmm.http.oc.droponerror
     sys db tmm.http.oc.droponerror {
        value "true"