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Apr 29, 2022

Onboarding BIG-IP(HA) pairs to BIG-IQ results to duplicate objects

We have onboarded a pair of BIG-IP in HA to BIG-IQ. After onboarding we noticed that there are two intstances of every virtual server, pool and node objects in BIG-IQ, one for each member of the HA cluster.

Is this an expcted result? If not, how do we make BIG-IQ realize that these are duplicates coming from a pair of BIG-IP's in a cluster

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  • We have BigIQ implementation and have seen same behavior exhibited. Apparently this is by design. We did not get a proper explanation for this. It is very confusing and in our case we have thousands of VIP's and managing duplicate objects becomes difficult

  • We tried adding the BIG-IP pairs in the DCS Groups under the BIG-IP CLUSTERS menu option but the outcome is still the same. Thanks for the feedback!